Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Make Money while De-Cluttering

Like many, I have been starting the new year with some de-cluttering. We have a lot of books here, and sometimes a good weed through is in order.

We generally give away our goodies as hand me downs or save them for our preschool yard sale, but with newer books it is possible to make some money selling them. Here is some information I have learned recently.

Have your heard of Cash4Books? This site buys back books. You can print a postage paid label from your home computer & mail them in. There is also a pretty handy app so you can scan a ISBN from your phone & find out right away if they will buy that book & how much you can get paid. If they make an offer on a book & you think it is too low, you can just decline the offer. I tried the app recently-pretty darn convenient. I did think the prices offered were quite low, but if you have recent textbooks, those look like they get a lot of money. They also have this list of 500 of the most recent books that they have purchased & how much they paid for each, so you can get an idea. To clarify, I have not actually sent in any books to them, but it seems like a legitimate option to use for selling used books as long as you do your homework & read all of the condition requirements, rules, etc.

What about Paperback Swap? I have been doing this one for at least a year or two now. With Paperback Swap, you create an account & list the books you have to swap. Other members can search for books and request books from you. If someone requests a book(s) from you, you are responsible for mailing the book to that person & paying postage. When they receive the book, you receive 1 credit which you can use to request a book from someone else. The sender always pays postage. You can also create a wishlist, and Paperback Swap will automatically notify you when a member posts that book. I have gotten lots of books this way-Fun! And, once you refer someone to Paperback Swap and they post 10 books to their account, you get a credit for referring them. Right on!

Amazon is also buying books back now. You can always sell used books on amazon, but it seems quite labor intensive and when you are competing with other sellers who are selling for a penny, it seems like it would be kind of hard to make money. But Amazon buys back certain books for Amazon credit. To see if Amazon is buying your book, look on the right side under Other Buying Options. If they are buying it, there will be a box here stating Sell Your Copy, with the amount of credit offered. So, the interesting thing here is that, like most Amazon items, the amount you are offered for your item varies day by day. I sold a book back for $6.44 today. Yesterday the sell back price was $2.98, and the day before that it was $3.96! Interesting...

For locals (Maine & New Hampshire, USA), Bull Moose Music buys back used CDs, DVDs, games, and books. You can get cash or credit (credit will be 25% more than the cash offered).

So, there you have it. Hopefully you learned something new & maybe you can make some money if you are de-cluttering this season. Have fun!

PS-What are you reading right now? I am reading Barnheart, by  Jenna Woginrich & The Girl Who Played with Fire, by Stieg Larsson-Seriously good.

Happy reading,


  1. Good suggestions! I solved my book clutter by getting almost everything from the library. I buy just a few books for myself a year, and those I tend to pass along to family once I'm done with them. I love books, but I just crossed a line a few years ago at which point I shed the horror I had of ever parting with a book. The books I knew I'd never read again came to look like nothing more than dust collectors. I still buy too many books for my kids, though.

    Loved The Girl Who Played with Fire. And Barnheart sound so good! I just finished The Story of Beautiful Girl, by Rachel Simon. LOVED it. Sad, but with a redemptive ending, and what a fantastic story. And after I return it today you can get it at the library!

    1. I agree Tara-library is the way to go most of the time! But for the kids I am kind of a book addict. But at least we don't keep them all. Can't wait to check out The Story of Beautiful Girl. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I had no idea Amazon was also buying back books, thanks!


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