Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Hank & The Boys

Remember when I first introduced you to Rosie and mentioned that we had some other farm friends too?
Well, here is a very very late introduction to Hank, Boomer, and Double Stuff!

Hank is our pig, and Boomer & Double Stuff are his friends, his bunk mates. He stays at a nearby farm and we see him and bring them all goodies every few days. I even had to take a turn cleaning out the pig pen one day, as mentioned on facebook. It was touch and go for the first few minutes, but I pulled out of there a stinky winner-I did it! Here the boys are eating kohlrabi in late July. They were kind of busy and didn't want to pose.

We got Hank back in June. I showed up at the local feed store to pick him up with a cardboard box, a car full of three kids, and a friend. Luckily the feed store gave me a dog crate to borrow. He was already at least 40 pounds at that point, was cranky & scared, and was covered in manure. Good times. We rode the entire way to the farm with our heads hanging out the windows gasping for fresh air. Here is Hank loaded up in the crate in the car.

Since then we have gotten to know Hank and the Boys a lot better. 

Hank is the pink mid sized guy of the gang. He seems like the most gentle natured guy of the crew. Poor guy, whenever the food comes in, he takes a bite then races over to the water for a drink, then cruises back to the food for a bite, then gets more water, etc. Our farmer friend says that he has never seen a pig drink so much. I guess he likes to stay hydrated!

Boomer is the big guy of the gang, mostly black with a small pink patch between his shoulders. He is the one who is most pushy when the food comes in-he really likes his food!

Double stuff is named for his cute stripe around his body. He rounds out the team perfectly.

The guys are so darn cute. As soon as you walk towards their pen and say hello, they start running to see what goodies you are delivering. This weekend we brought them apple drops from a tree in our yard and they acted like it was Christmas morning. They loved them. It is so good to be able to give them most of our food scraps. We don't give them any meats, but besides that pretty much anything goes.

Hank & Boomer & Double Stuff will only be with us until mid December, at which time we will have to say Goodbye to them.  I feel happy that they will have had a good life with few stressors and that we took good care of them and kept them healthy. I can't say how I will feel when the time comes and we do have to say goodbye, or when our dinner is Hank, but I do know I feel alot better that my family can be a part of a cared for animal becoming dinner rather than the alternative ways that many feed animals are kept. If you are interested in learning more about how the animals we eat are treated, some good books are...

Sorry about the funky boxes with the book links-experimenting with the amazon thing.

Hope your week starts off great. Thank you for stopping by and meeting Hank & Boomer & Double Stuff. They will pop in once or twice more to say hello.


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  1. thanks for the intro to these sweet animals Vanessa! have a lovely weekend!


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