Friday, July 29, 2011

Rosie P

So, I still have some other family friends to introduce to you (OK-it is another pig, who we have had for a bit now, but I haven't introduced him yet.), but I have to cut the line and first introduce our newest arrival....

Rosie Penelope.

Here is Squirrel holding Rosie after catching her in a pig scramble at our local community fair.

She is super cute, and although the plan is for her to be our dinner after this winter, we are in love with her. PS-There is a bit of a discussion between Squirrel and The Mr. about Rosie becoming a mama next year vs. Rosie becoming dinner before then. I kind of think I know how it is going to pan out.

Squirrel catching & winning Rosie was quite an unexpected surprise, so we weren't really prepared. We already have 1 boy 'farmed out' and needed to figure out a plan for Rosie. Luckily, more friends own another great farm and agreed to have Rosie stay with them, as they were planning on getting piglets as well.

When Rosie first got to the farm, I think she was a bit lonely. She had her own stall, and when we went to find her, every time she would be burrowed under the hay. She was lucky to get lots of human visitors, but I think she wanted some friends who oinked. Luckily, within a couple of days, she got 3 new older girlfriends! Her girlfriends are not our pigs, but we sure are glad that they are Rosie's pals. I will introduce them to you next week.

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