Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Neglected Garden-Part One

This is my front & side garden from last week-I never posted. I was also too scared to check out the larger vegetable garden, because I had neglected it for two weeks. I took a peek last night, and I was right-yikes. A garden neglected for three weeks mid summer is never a great thing. But I did find some good things too, so I will share some of that with you later this week. Here is we have for your viewing pleasure now...

Does anyone know what these are? I got them from a plant swap, and can't remember what they are-very hardy and pretty. Bees love them.

Same flower close up.

A pretty sunflower planted by the birds just beginning to follow the sun.

Nice little peas that I always intersperse throughout my front garden. The handful that I ate were pretty tasty, but someone else ate every single last one before I got to pick the rest...

No joke. He was apparently hungry.

The Egyptian Onions are looking super full. You can eat the tops, or pull them off late season or spring and plant more onions. These really are great plants for sharing!

The first few of our high bush blueberries. Now, just remember, Maine Wild Blueberries taste the best and are chock full of antioxidants!!

The lavender fully bloomed. I usually harvest this all while it is in bud form to dry and use for lavender sachets. This year I missed it-never enough time! The bees love this too. 

The beginning of a pumpkin that Mother Nature decided to grow, from composted pumpkins. 

How is your garden growing this summer?

Linked at Amy's Blogger Garden Tour too. How about you link up pics of your garden?


  1. I believe that is orange butterfly weed! I love that plant but have had a hard time growing it--funny that you say it is easy and hardy. It just goes to show that what works in one yard doesn't always in another!

  2. All your peas? Why that little varmint. He's cute and all, but man, I hate it when that happens don't you?


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