Friday, June 24, 2011

End of School Year Stuff

Around these parts, we go to school late, to grow our brains super big! Or maybe because we have A LOT of snow days. Either way, we just had our last day of school this week. So, we have been busy with end of school year Thank You gifts to lots of school teachers and helpers.

Our gifts for lots of school helpers... Cake Batter Cookies. Probably have been around for a while, but I just found them through Stephanie Cooks. They are EASY & tasty & customizable any way! Here are some of ours-chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. A definite hit! I included the recipe with the cookies and printed them on these awesome recipe cards I found at My Girl Thursday

Here is a teacher gift, coupled with a local farm gift certificate. A hand made (by Squirrel & Dozer with help) garden stepping stone. We got the kit at AC Moore. They have a lot of great choices, and you can buy more of the cement filling stuff and re-use the molds. This teacher loves turtles, so I thought that this was pretty cute. Now we have to make one for ourselves!

We are now in the midst of PARTY-ing, as Dozer says. This entails loud music, lots of dancing, junk food, wearing pajamas, blowing up lots of balloons (water & air), movies, snuggling, and saying that we are PARTY-ing! (PS-It is just us.) Our decorations for our dance party today...

SO love the Boom Box. I have no idea where the idea came from though!

This one below is hung this way for artistic effect I think.

Dance, dance, dance!

Hope you find your way to a party as cool as ours sometime soon! Or better yet, make your own! 

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