Thursday, June 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes Garden

In the interest of 'keeping it real,' here is my Behind the Scenes Garden. I have interspersed some pictures of our real life gardening with the 'good' pictures for you all.

First up, going to check out the garden. Like the helmet? No reason, just because...

Next up, kale. I love this. It is very easy, super good for you, pretty tolerant of pests, and you can harvest it all season long (picking the outermost pieces, like leaf lettuce), up until the frost (and even after a light frost).

Next, elderberry flowers.

High bush cultivated blueberries. (Not even in the same ball park as Maine Wild Blueberries, but that is a whole other post! Later this summer, my friends!)

False Indigo.

The view from our front porch (near berries & flowers), complete with broken down Jeep, fallen arbor, shovel, dog ball thrower, used plastic cup, and containers full of kid made "compost."

Additional front porch view, with more awesomeness...

A close up of one peony gone by that has seen one too many rainstorms, and the crowning glory, our man hole cover! Mr. Rescued Goods decided (totally good idea, I agree) that it would be way easier to have this cover to access our septic tank when we need to (really, every couple of years when the person comes with the giant tank and a hose needs to). I think it looks beautiful in my front yard near my flower garden. (Right.)

My gorgeous Nine Bark Diablo bush, with weed catcher, weedy walkway, stroller wheel, and compost bags.

A close up of the pretty Nine Bark Diablo, where you can't see the behind the scenes glory! Side note, these Nine Barks root very easily, so in spring you can prune the bush and set the stems in water. Very soon you will have cuttings to plant. This is however one of those weird patented plants, so it is illegal to propagate & sell.  It may even be illegal to propagate at all. Not saying that I have ever done it, or anything. Here is the scoop on the plant-asexual propagation is prohibited, whatever that means...

One last view for you, my lettuce, onion, and strawberry bed (mulched with straw), with lots of hanging towels, which were drying until the rainstorm came... Side note-the green towel somehow got that giant ink stain on it from the sandbox. The mysteries around here...

 Have a great day, and embrace your behind the scenes goodness! (Please tell me you have some too!)

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  1. You make me laugh Vanessa! Love the photos of your yard and gardens and how "real" they are with your "behind the scenes" moments. ~Laura

  2. You're so funny. I have a lovely man hole cover right near my garden too! Isn't it delightful?

  3. Very interesting about the nine bark plant. I have 6 of these throughout the gardens in my front yard and I love them. Thanks for the info.


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