Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy DIY Book Plates

So, sorry I have been away so long. Nothing major, just doing lots of stuff outside and having fun. We have been making lots of gifts around here lately. Babies, babies, babies are showing up with many families and friends! Add to that Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Birthdays, phew-we have been crafting! 

First up, easy DIY bookplates. For some of our favorite teachers, we got Have You Filled A Bucket Today. It is a really great book for kids, and a great addition to a school/classroom library. I couldn't find any printable bookplates that I loved, so we made our own. 
For the first one, I just got some scrapbook paper that I liked, cut it to the desired shape, and added our text. I love this one! I used glue stick to adhere to the inside cover of the books.

For the second, I found free clip art of a sea turtle (this teacher's favorite!), had squirrel color it with colored pencils, and added the text. 

I love how these add such a personal touch to the books! And the kids feel pretty proud about their artwork!
 (Which they should, right?!) 

Here is another picture that Squirrel drew for a teacher who apparently likes Dora since Dora helps the teacher learn Spanish. (OK.)

Here are some other recent hand made gifts. The burb clothes were made from fabric from one of my favorite yearly yard sales. It was just enough fabric to make them-it nearly broke the bank at 10 cents! The onesies were freezer paper stencils and one applique sewn on.

On another note, I was at the Party Store today looking for a mohawk wig (for the Mr. for a costumed mud race coming up), and look what I found! The mustaches are just cute-and the Napoleon Dynamite get up, well, I think I have found my Halloween costume for next year! Now go make yourself a dang quesadilla! (You have to see the movie for that one!)


  1. Dozer, Squirrel, and Mommy, how very crafty you all are!

  2. Just thought I would stop and say "hi". I found you through Sherrie's blog(in the comments) and noticed you were a local. Then I came to your blog and saw your teacher's gifts, my 7 yr old had Ms. Deidre for preschool with the Coop:)
    It's always nice to meet a fellow local blogger. Stop by and visit me sometime.


  3. a. the Dora thing cracks me up. My kids LOVE Dora and Diego but I don't like them watching it! We limit it to a few episodes on weekends.
    b. i have seen the mustache (and thought good prop for photo booth/ funny photos) but never the Napoleon glasses...So funny.


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