Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winner! I am a winner!

OK, I have been complaining casually mentioning to Mr. Rescued Goods that I have not been lucky in any blog land giveaways lately. But, my luck has changed! Two big wins in one day!

First, the Pickin Chicken app! Seriously! It is an iphone (ipad too?) app that gives you the scoop on different chickens. I have been wanting to get chickens for a long time now, but the whole taking care of them piece always holds me back! And Mr. Rescued Goods knows me well enough to know that there may be a complaint or two occasionally once we get them, and that he may frequently have to do lots of the work (kind of like how my mom knew she would be taking care of the rabbit and the puppy that my brother & I swore we would take care of as kids). But I digress... We saw some of the cutest chicks the other day and I think we have finally decided to give it a go. We are hoping that some little bundles of fluff may be an Easter surprise for Squirrel and Dozer. (We'll see-don't hold me to it!)

I don't have any cute little chicks pictures, so here are two of our seasonal boarders. They come every spring and stay until our little ponds are somewhat dried up. They didn't really love our April Fool's Day storm, so we fed them for a few days while their food was under ice and snow. 

Anyway, I was doing some chicken coop research and came across The Garden Coop-totally informative site.  I of course checked out the blog next and there was a giveaway for the Pickin Chicken app, which I won! Yeah! It is uploaded and ready to roll-I just need to sit down and check it out. It looks good so far, according to Mr. Rescued Goods! (Not sure how much it costs normally to download, but I am guessing that it can't be too much.)

On to my next big win, Alphabet Glue! I love love this! I am pretty sure I heard about it through maya made, then I headed over to bird and little bird to learn more. And, she was having a giveaway! Alphabet Glue is full of book recommendations for families along with project ideas and inspiration. Some of the really great ideas in this first issue are a mini book bracelet, and wildflower seed pods. You know when you want to read books and tie in what you are reading with activities-this is great for that! I definitely recommend this-it is a serious steal at $4. I can't wait to do all the activities with the kids. Yeah!

And, speaking of giveaways, this month at The Crafty Crow there are plenty of giveaways, reviews, and interviews. It looks like a jam packed Blog Tour! I plan on testing my luck and seeing if the winnings happen in threes! (Greedy, I know!)

PS-I really think that we are all winners! 

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  1. V- My sister has been raising hens for a number of years now. She's a great resource. Happy to put you in touch if you think it would be helpful.


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