Monday, April 4, 2011

Veske by Lindsay clutches

So, this is a long overdue post (understatement). Remember when I did the bag swap? And I raved about my clutches? (That's right, plural!) Well, this is kind of like a Thank You note (or a wedding present) that is long overdue, like when you are two years out from the wedding, but you totally still plan to give a gift. It's not good that it is sooooo late, but it is better late than never. So, these are my two totally awesome clutches by Lindsay.

She gave me a bonus clutch! I love them both, but lately I have been using this one below.   I love the textured material and the varied browns and rust. Totally love the pleating and shape too. And, it is lined and has perfect little pockets for chap stick, keys, phone, or whatever little goodies you have to stash away.
PS-Sorry about that Rescued Good in the background-an old Jeep that will be parts for another Jeep!

Back to the clutch-It is the perfect size for a wallet, phone, lip gloss, and gum! (Seriously, totally perfect size!) Perfect for running around. I usually have a giant bag in the car with just about everything in it, and then I just take a clutch with the bare essentials when I run in and out of the store, post office, etc. etc. I love this!  And, it matches my new iphone case. It's the little things, right?

The jean style clutch is the perfect size too, and it has the handy strap, so you can wrap it around your wrist. I think these straps are cuter than cute! I really like the fold over styling and I love the different materials-denim, linen, and a suede strip. And lots of decorative stitching that really adds to the design. I also love the grommet that the strap goes though. Both clutches have the super handy magnetic clasp-love those!

So, I have many excuses as to why I hadn't done this post yet, but none are good. (Don't worry, one excuse is not that I am always wearing sweatpants and think a photo shoot with pretty clutches and sweatpants would be weird!) (Also, I think lateness & procrastination might be genetic!) Suffice it to say, I am trying to catch up and get organized! (Story of my life, but I am making strides!) Anyway, I love them! And Lindsay usually has lots more really cute stuff in her shop-I love the flower pins-they would look awesome added to an understated clutch! Thank you so much Lindsay for being a great (and patient) swap partner! (And, in case you all are wondering I of course thanked Lindsay right away-it was just the blog post that was lacking!)

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  1. I still love my clutch I got from you the BEST! :)


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