Sunday, April 3, 2011

Peeps Easter Wreath Part Two

So, there is a slight issue with the Peeps wreath.  Things weren't looking good this morning. Then, a whole row of Peeps flew the coop! They jumped right off! I had the wreath on an outside door, but inside a screen door.In my defense, it got hit at least once a day with a giant laptop backpack. Maybe it got too cold? Too hot? Too snowy in our April Fool's Day storm? Who knows, but I sure hope you didn't have any wreath mishaps like this! I am going to try again tomorrow to redeem myself. I will let you know if it can stay in tact for more than a week, but I fear that it may have to be an indoor (hung up high) wreath only! I have also heard about a Peeps situation in which a Peeps wreath 'looked so good' that the poor Peeps lost their heads! Here's hoping your Peeps are faring better than mine...


  1. So sad. This is so cute! Poor PEEPS...

  2. Funny, I was searching for a Peeps Wreath and when I saw this on a Google Search I was attracted to it BECAUSE they were coming off the form! It looked more interesting to me! With a nice base showing it might be a great take off on a traditional wreath - who knew it was a mishap! Great job and really cute!

  3. Sorry to see the peeps flew the coop, but I'm wondering did you sprinkle with borax before you hung on your door to invite the ants in??? LOL


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