Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Magnets

For today, let's talk about upcycled magnets. These are so crazy easy and fun! I am kind of addicted to them right now.

1. Start by gathering a collection of old toys, doo dads (what are these? I do not know!), game pieces, etc.
2. Get some of the pretty toxic glue (I think E-600 is the best for this kind of stuff. I hate the smell and the thought of the yuckiness that it probably is, but it works awesome. I get it at the local craft store. Don't use with kids around, and be sure you have some great ventilation. Outside is perfect if you can!)
3. Get some good magnets. This is where I got mine. They are so awesome, I can't even believe it. I keep wanting to buy more to make everything into magnets!
4. Glue your magnet to your cool doo dad. Let it dry for a while. (I think the glue states 24 hours is best.)
5. Use anywhere & everywhere. (Except where little ones can grab & put in their mouths! See impt disclaimer below!)

This is a good use for random toys and pieces that have no home and may otherwise be destined to become trash. BUT these really aren't toys and should not be used anywhere where a little one can grab it and put it in her mouth! Magnets can be super dangerous for little ones! Even though my kids are a bit older, I still keep our magnets on the top half of the fridge where visiting little ones can not reach them.

Have fun & glue!

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  1. Great idea and so easy to do! Can you imagine a whole fridge covered in magnety insects or little animals. Endless possibilities... Love it!


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