Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's hard to keep up with this blogging gig!

I feel like we have been crafting a lot lately. But, I rarely note it here in Blogsville, and then so much time goes by that it is often too late. So many projects like this.

So, here is a quick round up of some recent projects & happenings...

Green eggs and ham in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday last week.

Another official etsy sale-the package ready to be mailed.  (The sales are racking up. Soon I may need two hands to count them on! Hey, I am having fun!)

A weekend away full of Winter adventures. I have next to no pictures of this one. It was rainy and snowy all weekend and I don't like to take my camera out in weather like that. I am always afraid it will get wet and not work. What do you do?

Some book totes and goodies for a Family Reading Box for a fundraiser recently. This was a recent project I was working on noted here. I decoupaged a box with newspaper first, then with pages from a vintage Little Bear book. I filled the box with books and book totes for a preschool fundraiser. But, big surprise here... I forgot to take pix of the completed project. I really loved it too! You can trust me when I say, It was totally cute! (PS This fabric-total bargain yard sale remnant-isn't it cute?!)

And, today we made vinyl bowls from our recent party decorations. More pix of these to come, I swear. This is the easiest and most fun project! You have to get some records and try it. Google vintage album bowls and you will find lots of links. I used this how to here for pointers. (Don't you love the Mardi Gras beads?!)

We also made masks for Fat Tuesday today! (Full disclosure-these masks are not the ones we made. Ours don't look quite so professional. And, the glue is still drying on ours!)

Have fun!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Dr Seuss would be so pleased with those green eggs! I bet Dozer and Squirrel had fun with all the pre-spring adventures!

  2. Oh my heck, I feel like such a slacker after reading this! Good for you! Can I send my kids over?? Please? :)

  3. Well it's so nice to hear that your Etsy shop is hopping busy! That must be so rewarding. I can understand why the blog would be difficult to keep up at the same time. My life is a permanent juggling show and I don't have a shop to maintain!!!


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