Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration

Hi Friends

Still working on banishing the winter blues. We have been crafting and baking and resting trying to get rid of all the winter sickies!

Last night, we celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year. We had these delicious cold sesame noodles. I found the recipe in Family Fun magazine (love it!). The kids had mixed reviews. Squirrel ate her bowl to comply with the bribe of dessert. The little guy choked down 2 bites and a banana. Can't win them all!
(PS-The little guy-I am going to call him Dozer. He was pretty giant from birth through his first couple of years and earned the nickname of  Dozer from a super favorite uncle. So, Dozer it is!)

We swept the house completely to start the new year with a clean (ish) house. We wore some red, as red is traditonally a lucky color. We also decorated with a couple of new plants, to symbolize the rebirth in the new year. The kids loved this stuff. We still plan to make some lanterns, and do some other arts and crafts for the new year. The Chinese New Year celebrations still last for a couple of weeks, so plan some fun stuff!

In other news, I am starting some painting in our house. I finished the living room that I started 2 years ago, and I started the kitchen. I have been given a two week deadline on this one, so it doesn't spill over to 1 year or more (oops). I have been reading this book (Change Your Home Change Your Life) too, which is pretty inspirational for getting your home in order and looking the way you will love. My plan is to paint every room in our house, since we have lived here 7+ years, and most rooms still have only primer on the walls! I will keep you updated (hopefully!).


  1. My little one would have reacted the same way to this dish. No visible mixing of ingredients allowed! I would have loved it though!

    thanks for the link to the book, sounds awesome and may be just what I need to get inspired as well!

  2. We celebrated the Chinese lunar new year as well. The last day of celebrating (in 15 days) is the Lantern Festival. A couple years ago we made some of those tissue paper/glue/glass jar candle holders (like we did together a couple summers ago). We used just red tissue paper though and all sorts of gold wire, ribbons, and bells to decorate. Then we finished them off with writing some simple words (using Chinese characters) like love, peace, wisdom, happiness... We put them out each year now to decorate for the holiday. The kids love celebrating so we're always looking for new holidays and festivals to enjoy. R is still playing Christmas music! Take care~Laura

  3. Good luck with the painting! I love freshly painted rooms and only wish that they would stay that way...

  4. Good food, new paint on the walls, and the sun shining off from the snow at 5:00 PM. Those winter blues are not going to stand a chance! Get out the seed order forms and the blues will be busted! Thanks for the great links.

  5. How funny that we made almost the EXACT same dish on the EXACT same day! Great minds think alike! We all loved it, except for Luke. Maybe I'll get motivated enough to do some Chinese New Year stuff with the kids...maybe not... :)


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