Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new Sea Bag

So, as promised, here is my new Sea Bag. Can you believe that I won this?!

Here is the back.

I love the heavy duty rope straps. They are so pretty!

These bags are made from recycled sails, so they are a great 'rescued' good, which of course I love! And, they are based right here in Maine! I am a fan of Sea Bags on facebook, and they frequently have contests, and I won one! How great is this? I have wanted a Sea Bag ever since I heard about them years ago, but I couldn't really justify buying one since I am always making bags on my own. But now I am a lucky owner!

I have already gotten many compliments on (and lots of use of) this cutie! Thanks so much Sea Bags!


  1. Neat! Mark would love the idea of something made out of old sails. I will have to show this to him!

  2. I'm pretty sure I saw these bags advertised in Down East magazine a while back, and I thought they were the coolest (albeit pricey) bags. Way to go V!


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