Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Hit Parade-a bit late, part two...

Another big handmade hit is our natural block set. I had seen a set of these in a catalog long ago and wanted to make some ever since. I can't find the original example, but I think these are just perfect.

We went on an adventure this fall.

We (and by we, I mean, not me) cut a birch tree down on our property early this fall. (Not this big pine tree-still there!)

 We pretended we were beavers and pretended to cut down some more trees. In reality, the beavers had already done these for us!

'We' cut the appropriate cuts and let the wood dry in our basement for a few months.

Then we dried the wood further in the oven. It was weird-it smelled kind of stinky.

But anyway, then 'we' sanded the wood. I guess the we in this project comes down to me being the 'idea person.' And, 'we' are thinking about making a few more sets of these this year to give as gifts and maybe put a few in the Etsy Shop.

Here is the link I used when figuring out how to go about making these blocks. Oh, yes, I did make some heavy duty canvas drawstring bags-they work great to corral all the blocks. The blocks have made garages, hamster mansions, car ramps, you name it. The possibilities are truly endless with these!

Oh, and the wagon was a gift to the kids from my mom, and was handmade by a local woodworker-it has been a perfect fit with the blocks.

 So, as my husband says, we gave our kids sticks for Christmas (and they loved them!)


  1. My kids have some blocks like those (but from the catalog) and love them too! It was great to make your own. I bet you have more variety that way. My kids have those annoying little hamsters too...oh wait, you didn't call them annoying, that might be just me!

  2. There was a great project a year or more ago in Living Crafts magazine turning limbs, sawn crosswise into rounds, into buttons. Something to do with the smaller branches of your birches, perhaps. I still have the magazine article somewhere...

  3. great idea! and awesome that "you" did them "yourself"! bet they last forever!


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