Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Hit Parade-a bit late, part one...

So, here it is-a couple of our handmade favorites from this holiday season. One more to come tomorrow. The pics may not be the best, but if I waited for better ones, this would most certainly never get posted...

First off, a beautiful pin cushion bought at a local craft fair for me! My sweet girl bought it for me, after seeing me admire it. I love this! I would share the crafter's info, but I don't know it-boo hoo!

Second up, a Princess and the Pea play set that we made for the same sweet girl (Who I will lovingly call Squirrel, because she has a serious habit of squirreling things away to use in future 'projects'-Weird, I know. I don't know where she gets it! I could do another post on this sometime. Maybe I will expand upon apple peelings found in the freezer, gum wrappers squirreled away behind tissue boxes, recycling items swiped and hidden away, etc. etc. She comes by it well!) Anyway, back to the play set.

Ever since I saw this awesome example on Angry Chicken I wanted to make one too. I am really happy with it. The bed was from our local Mill Store, and I spray painted it gold. The mattresses were made from fabric I had on hand, and fleece that was given to me. The dolls are 1. a funky Knot Doll made by my friend Mary, and 2. a vintage doll given to Squirrel by my grandmother. The peas were saved from our garden this year. This set had already gotten lots of love this year.

Hope your 2011 is starting off sweet!

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  1. i have a squirrel-er too. he wants to keep EVERYTHING recyclable. but, then again, so do i. i'm pretty sure it's in the genes. :)


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