Monday, January 3, 2011

A Good Day...

I rave about the importance of kids playing outside all the time, but, truth be told, sometimes I really, really need to make myself go out to play.

Today my little boy kept pestering, uh, I mean  persistently asking me to go out to go ice skating. It is cold and windy here, I have lots to do, and our backyard ice skating 'rink' (I use that term loosely) still has grass sticking out of the ice in many spots. But, the little man was right on, as usual. As anyone with little ones knows, it took about an hour to find our gear, and get dressed (and motivated, in my case) to go outside. We went out, and wouldn't you know, it was so fun! And, we stayed out for an hour enjoying the day and skating. So, here's your reminder to go out and play!

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  1. Wonderful pictures! It makes me want to go play outside!


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