Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy Valentine Candle Holder

Sooooo, long time no see. Sorry about that. My get up and go has kind of got up and went, and inspiration has not been striking so much, so I am not pushing it.

But, we have still been doing some easy decorating and projects. Here is one of our go to seasonal candle holder decorations. This works great with candy hearts or red hots. In the fall, candy corns are great too!

1. Start with your supplies-candy, candle, glass candle holder (cannning jars work great).

2. Add a few candies, then center your candle.

3. Add the rest of your candies, so the candle is centered and the top third is showing above the candies. Light the candle and enjoy (under close supervision only!). Don't burn yourself, and don't forget about it and burn up all your candies! Have fun!

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