Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paper whites!

Have you noticed that when I say 'quick and easy' gifts, I really mean it?!
Next up, 'planted' paperwhite bulbs. I love the smell of these!

What you need;
paper white bulbs (The best place to buy these is a nursery or garden center. They generally sell quality bulbs inexpensively by the bulb.) I got mine at Allen Sterling Lothrop locally.
Shallow containers
Pebbles or marbles

Fill bottom of containers with pebbles. Place a paper white on the pebbles.

Wrap it up and include a little note like this.You probably could make the note cuter, and don't sign it love V.

These literally grow right before your eyes. Depending on how much they have started growing when you purchase them, they will take about 3-4 weeks to bloom. Now is a great time to get these up and running, or give them as Wintery gifts!


  1. This is a great, easy idea-love it! Now if only I could get motivated to do it, or do ANYTHING!! :)

  2. I have a great book called "Forcing" (if only I could find it!) that covers the forcing of all sorts of different bulbs and branches. Very nifty resource for these sorts of projects.

  3. I love the look of these flowers, but they do not smell like roses!!

  4. Tara, the book sounds great! And Aunt Cyndi, I think people either love the smell or hate it, right?

  5. yes! i love this idea so simple and elegant! nice one Vanessa!


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