Sunday, December 19, 2010

Give Away Addictions...

So.... My first post back and I am using my blog as a means to enter a giveaway... Sorry! I am kind of addicted to entering giveaways right now. I entered a zillion, and found several new cool blogs through the Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day. I am definitely doing one next time-seriously fun! I didn't have any lady luck with me for those giveaways, BUT I had already won three (yes, three!) recently. I will tell you the scoop on these, but first, let me use the ole' blog to enter another. I have to mention this one at retromummy . Retromummy is one of the really cool blogs that I found during the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. The fabric looks so fun! So, get on over and enter on your own! If you don't have a blog, you just need to leave a comment to enter! Yeah!

OK, here's the winning scoop. First I won this The Awesome Book of Thanks from Make and Takes! It is really a neat book, and I love the illustrations. Next I would love to get An Awesome Book.

Then, I won these this set of 3 FLY Art Kits! These are really neat art kits made from recycled and repurposed materials-yeah! The Fly Children's Art Center seems like such a great idea! I will give you the scoop on each art kit in the next couple of weeks, when we get time to play with these more. 

Then, I won a Sea Bag! I have to say, this too is going to deserve its own post, because this bag is so awesome! I love bags, and I have been hearing about these forever. So, to win-woo hoo! Like I said, more on this soon. I have to take some pictures of my new bag and show it off!

WOW! So, you can see why I have been kind of addicted lately! When you are hot, you're hot! (Ha!)

Now, to start the week off right, I will leave you with a picture of our lovely tree this year, which we are affectionately calling our Dr. Seuss Tree. To be clear, yes, we actually paid money for this! It has about three trunks! And, it has only fallen down three times so far!

Happy Holidays, and I hope your tree only falls a few times at most...


  1. Vanessa,
    Congrats on winning those great treats! Can't wait to hear more about them. Your tree is too funny, and the name is so fitting. We picked up ours on the bargain rack at a local farm. They were all damaged and a really good price because of their injuries. I just felt kind of sorry for them.
    Hope your family is on the mend! ~Laura

  2. Rock On, Vanessa! With all that you give, you deserve to win and then some :) Can't wait to see the bag - I bet it is super cool...I wonder where the sail went before it got to you...Something to think about!


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