Monday, November 29, 2010

Rookie Mistakes!

Hello Friends. I am back from a hiatus last week-we were in the midst of race car party planning and tooth fairy visits and Thanksgiving preparations. I had big hopes of showing off all of our race car fun, but..

My rookie mistakes began with the loss of my bag of supplies for favor bags. I had the best ideas but the follow through kind of petered out and then the goods were lost. Welcome to my world!

The idea-repurposing match box cars to make trophies. The steps-find some matchbox cars that may need a little love. Spray them with chrome spray paint and give them a new life as a trophy. Things to watch out for-DON'T put the bag somewhere to hide it away before the party and forget where you put it. This is a caution to be aware of before any gift giving or party planning occasions!!! (If I ever find the bag, I will post belated pix of these chrome beauties! At least, I think they will be beauties...)

The rookie mistakes continued when I got caught up in the excitement of the racing and partying and took little to no pictures at the party, or even before the party (of the cake!). The cake was crazy easy, and I used this race track cake idea from Family Fun. I also used their cucumber race car guy on the snack table.

Alas, here is what I have to show for the party. A great sign that we created as a family, with our finish line flag from our driveway drag races.  

A Pin the Wheel on the Race Car game that we made too.

Many handmade car decorations like this one around our home.

So, there you have (a small part of)  it. A race car birthday party-what fun!


  1. I bet it was a blast! I can't believe you lost the trophies though! I was dying to see those! It was a great idea!

  2. You know what? Valuable lessons were learned! Which is not a bad thing. And besides, if you forgot to take cake and race pictures it's probably because you were having such a great time at the party. That's a good thing!


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