Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off Duty

Sorry I have been off duty. You know when your get up and go leaves and won't come back? It's been like that. So, I am just going to fake it and see if it works-otherwise my blogging days will have been short lived! So, to start... A quick look at our very "semi-homemade" (like Sandra Lee) Halloween costumes.

Dorothy ...

The Scarecrow ...

The Cowardly Lion ...

Tin Man ...

Dorothy's costume was from a yard sale.

Scarecrow we pieced together with stuff from around the house.

Cowardly Lion costume was a kids costume that I cut the hooded top part off and cut the tail off (you can barely see the tail in the picture). I took some material from the vest part of the costume and and made the hooded part a bit longer to keep the back of my neck warm too and to clean up the cut edges. This was a really easy was to have a costume but not have to do much of any work to make it! I considered posting a pic of me attempting to wear the vest costume as is, but thought better about that, I didn't want trouble from any of you falling out of your chairs laughing too hard.

Tin man had silver spray painted & duct taped pants and an axe to match his silver baseball cap with the funnel shape perched atop.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween and are ready to fall into fall! PS Do you LOVE the pig?! He was the resident pet pig at a party we attended-his name is Rico Suave!

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