Monday, November 8, 2010


OK, here is the first post in my Quick & Easy Monday Series! The holidays are fast approaching (like you need me to tell you that!) and it is always good to have some quick and easy projects in your arsenal. Most of these will be great to do with kids too. You may have already seen or even completed some of these projects, but I find that I forget things, occasionally (it has happened once or twice).  A reminder about some of the easy stuff is never a bad thing! And, PS-If you are on my list, don't be surprised if you get a 'Quick & Easy' project as a gift-they are all awesome little numbers, and I would be totally excited to get one (hint, hint)!
First Up, bracelets...

A cardboard ring, like the inside of a roll of tape or the inside of a roll of ribbon. Long thin strip of material or ribbon, 1/2 " to 2". Glue gun.

Glue the ribbon to the inside of the cardboard ring, slightly diagonally.

Wrap the ribbon around the ring, slightly overlapping, continuing with the slight diagonal slant.

Keep wrapping until the ring is covered, then cut the ribbon and glue on the inside of the ring.

Give to a lucky friend, or wear and smile!

PS. Do you love my new ring? I got it at an art fair this weekend-so cute! And, the manicure is Fancy Nancy style courtesy of my little girl! I am one lucky mama!

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  1. cute bracelets! and COOL ring too! i don't think i could trust my six year old boy to give me a manicure quite yet, although he would be all for it, i'm sure!


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