Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T-Shirt Bags

What are they? These little numbers-Bags made from t-shirts. When I started making them, I thought that I had invented the wheel! Here is my first one, a clearance buy from Old Navy that I used lots around the time of the 2008 Presidential election.

Since then, I have realized that I totally did not invent the wheel (big surprise there!)- Even so, I totally love these bags. They are perfect for a few things at the store (although the bagger is always a bit confused at first with these bags). They are perfect for a pair of ballet shoes, soccer cleats, books to read on the bus, paper & crayons, a water bottle, keys & a wallet, you name it!

These 3 bags are earmarked for 3 little cuties who just might use them for gymnastics protein bars, math workbooks, and preschool goodies!

PS-How to make them? Get a tank top, or simply cut the sleeves off from a t-shirt. Turn the shirt inside out, sew across the bottom (maybe twice for strength), turn right side out, fill with stuff! Embellish or leave as is. (You also may decide to cut a larger opening around the neck.) So easy and fun! I love kids shirts, because they are the perfect size bags for... wait for it... KIDS! Plus, I seem to have a pretty steady supply of kids shirts around here...


  1. It is a totally new wheel to me. What a great idea!!

    Aunt Cyndi

  2. i saw these on Martha Stewart just like, yesterday, for the first time! Maybe you're destined for the big time!.. Ya never know, life will surprise ya!


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