Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rescued Goods

OK, so here are a few of my finds from the excellent yard sale on Friday. (Church yard sales are the best!) I have decided that I can only show and tell a few of my finds-Otherwise you may think (completely erroneously, of course) that I am a bit of a pack rat, or worse, or hoarder! (Thanks Tiffany!) So, here are a few of my goodies. I will say that I am going to try my hardest to part with some of these and other rescued goods in the next few weeks and actually list some goods in my Etsy shop!

Drumroll please...
First stop, ric rac. Can I say that all of these were 5 cents (total)?! Yes, it is true. But, sad news. This is all they had.

Next stop, vintage linens. I picked up some handkerchiefs, cloth napkins, a pillowcase (future dress), and a monogrammed sheet. The monogram of course has nothing to do with anyone I know, it was just so beautiful... I couldn't let it sit alone any longer. (Sorry for the lack of a picture.)

Other stops included serious vintage craft supplies. ( This is where the hoarder rumors may begin. But remember, I will be listing some things in the shop, so I am not keeping it all! And, I already used some things. Those button things for making fabric covered buttons-awesome!)

A really neat wooden container.

And, the moment you've all been waiting for... The best find of all... A child's tool bench.

This was made by one of the church members who is in his 90s now. He made it for his son when he was a little boy. His son is in his 60's now. This tool bench has already had a good life and has been well loved, and it is once again the star of a show. It is already the focal point in our playroom and is stocked with many important tools for very important jobs. Like duct taping shovels together, wrapping scotch tape around pencil sharpeners so shavings don't escape, hammering chalk so it causes serious respiratory damage, making school buses out of scrap wood, etc. etc. Good times!

Aren't yard sales the best?


  1. yep. hoarder. you are definitely a hoarder. but aren't they the best kinda people? think so... i'm a hoarder too, that's how i know.

  2. Oh, my mind is already working on the wooden container. Picture it: Mod Podge, vintage fabric, some of that ric rac and a power drill. Cover the container with vintage fabric and some of your funky ric rac. Drill holes in the bottom - one for each chargeable "daily use" item in the house (ie cell phones, ipods, etc). Put the cords through the holes (charging ends in the container), plastic tie the hanging cords together and plug them all into a power strip (hidden away behind a couch or table). Give the project a new home on aforementioned table. Great way to keep all those chargers in one location but out of sight - and you'll always know where your phone is :) I love it (if I do say so myself). Think I just added another item to my "to do" list! Thanks V :)

  3. The work bench is a find that was so worth the hunt! Good rescue!

  4. I'm loving your blog! I've missed our craft nights and play dates and library visits, however reading your posts has helped me stay connected with you. Your church/yard sale finds are lovely, especially that tool bench! I can't wait to see how you use some of the vintage sewing finds. Happy autumn crafting! ~Laura

  5. I meant 'hoarder' in a positive way! ;) How about 'artsy' instead?? Love all your finds, can't wait to see what you do with it all...I'd better not see it on the dining room floor the next time I'm over!


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