Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Makeover

We gave these crayons a bit of TLC and a new look for Halloween. I love crayon makeovers! I used this big silicone baking mold (1.5 inches deep) and I definitely advise sticking with a smaller mold. This big one took forever for the crayons to melt in the oven. If you keep the crayons 'cooking' too long, the crayons start to separate and a waxy film will form on the top. This waxy film doesn't have pigment, so it won't write-not good.

I saw this really cute silicone baking mold with small pumpkins at Joanne's. This one would be perfect for pumpkin crayons. And, you don't have to peel and use nearly as many!

If you haven't made re-fashioned crayons before, you should try it! It is way too fun! All you do is...

1. Peel crayons.
2. Break into pieces.
3. Separate as you like into colors into your silicone mold or baking pan. (I like the molds because they are easy to pop the crayons out when you are finished.) It is best to fill molds to just under the top-you don't want melted wax all over your oven! Some of these I filled a bit less because I had a feeling they would take forever to melt.

4. Bake at 200 for about 10 minutes (longer with the monstrously big molds-these took more like half an hour) Keep checking to see when the crayons have just finished melting. Take out of the oven right away.
5. Let cool, pop from molds, and color!

Have a happy fall day! Serious yard sale today, folks. Be on the lookout for some of my finds next week!


  1. That's one of those ideas that's been on my to do list forever but I have yet to make them with the kids! They look cute!

  2. That is way too cute, I will have to remember this. Love it

  3. Those are so adorable. We have tons of broken crayons that would be perfect for this. Could you also use a muffin tin if you didn't have the silicone mold?

  4. So fun! Tiffany, you can use a muffin tin too!


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