Saturday, October 23, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Working (OK, starting to work) on Halloween costumes. Why do I have such great ideas/ambition but not quite get started on things until it is a bit late to be comfortable?! Anyway, Dorothy check... Tin man, Scarecrow, and Lion-well, not so much...
From this...

To this...

The picture really doesn't do the shoes justice. They are so very sparkly! We needed some comfortable shoes for all of that begging for candy, and these are so comfy. A coat of fabric paint mixed with glue and lots of glitter later, they are ready for the Road to Oz... At least one of us will be off to see the wizard!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rescued Goods

OK, so here are a few of my finds from the excellent yard sale on Friday. (Church yard sales are the best!) I have decided that I can only show and tell a few of my finds-Otherwise you may think (completely erroneously, of course) that I am a bit of a pack rat, or worse, or hoarder! (Thanks Tiffany!) So, here are a few of my goodies. I will say that I am going to try my hardest to part with some of these and other rescued goods in the next few weeks and actually list some goods in my Etsy shop!

Drumroll please...
First stop, ric rac. Can I say that all of these were 5 cents (total)?! Yes, it is true. But, sad news. This is all they had.

Next stop, vintage linens. I picked up some handkerchiefs, cloth napkins, a pillowcase (future dress), and a monogrammed sheet. The monogram of course has nothing to do with anyone I know, it was just so beautiful... I couldn't let it sit alone any longer. (Sorry for the lack of a picture.)

Other stops included serious vintage craft supplies. ( This is where the hoarder rumors may begin. But remember, I will be listing some things in the shop, so I am not keeping it all! And, I already used some things. Those button things for making fabric covered buttons-awesome!)

A really neat wooden container.

And, the moment you've all been waiting for... The best find of all... A child's tool bench.

This was made by one of the church members who is in his 90s now. He made it for his son when he was a little boy. His son is in his 60's now. This tool bench has already had a good life and has been well loved, and it is once again the star of a show. It is already the focal point in our playroom and is stocked with many important tools for very important jobs. Like duct taping shovels together, wrapping scotch tape around pencil sharpeners so shavings don't escape, hammering chalk so it causes serious respiratory damage, making school buses out of scrap wood, etc. etc. Good times!

Aren't yard sales the best?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Makeover

We gave these crayons a bit of TLC and a new look for Halloween. I love crayon makeovers! I used this big silicone baking mold (1.5 inches deep) and I definitely advise sticking with a smaller mold. This big one took forever for the crayons to melt in the oven. If you keep the crayons 'cooking' too long, the crayons start to separate and a waxy film will form on the top. This waxy film doesn't have pigment, so it won't write-not good.

I saw this really cute silicone baking mold with small pumpkins at Joanne's. This one would be perfect for pumpkin crayons. And, you don't have to peel and use nearly as many!

If you haven't made re-fashioned crayons before, you should try it! It is way too fun! All you do is...

1. Peel crayons.
2. Break into pieces.
3. Separate as you like into colors into your silicone mold or baking pan. (I like the molds because they are easy to pop the crayons out when you are finished.) It is best to fill molds to just under the top-you don't want melted wax all over your oven! Some of these I filled a bit less because I had a feeling they would take forever to melt.

4. Bake at 200 for about 10 minutes (longer with the monstrously big molds-these took more like half an hour) Keep checking to see when the crayons have just finished melting. Take out of the oven right away.
5. Let cool, pop from molds, and color!

Have a happy fall day! Serious yard sale today, folks. Be on the lookout for some of my finds next week!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T-Shirt Bags

What are they? These little numbers-Bags made from t-shirts. When I started making them, I thought that I had invented the wheel! Here is my first one, a clearance buy from Old Navy that I used lots around the time of the 2008 Presidential election.

Since then, I have realized that I totally did not invent the wheel (big surprise there!)- Even so, I totally love these bags. They are perfect for a few things at the store (although the bagger is always a bit confused at first with these bags). They are perfect for a pair of ballet shoes, soccer cleats, books to read on the bus, paper & crayons, a water bottle, keys & a wallet, you name it!

These 3 bags are earmarked for 3 little cuties who just might use them for gymnastics protein bars, math workbooks, and preschool goodies!

PS-How to make them? Get a tank top, or simply cut the sleeves off from a t-shirt. Turn the shirt inside out, sew across the bottom (maybe twice for strength), turn right side out, fill with stuff! Embellish or leave as is. (You also may decide to cut a larger opening around the neck.) So easy and fun! I love kids shirts, because they are the perfect size bags for... wait for it... KIDS! Plus, I seem to have a pretty steady supply of kids shirts around here...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Found lots of these this weekend on woodland adventures. I never really checked them out closely before, but they are quite beautiful...

Hope your fall days and evenings are full of adventures of the season!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tastes of Nature

On a recent walk at our family camp, we visited an apple tree that my grandfather had planted many years ago. There were many apples ripe for the picking, and a few branches perfect for climbing. Even the dog was eating as many apples as she could find! We have been savoring every moment of fall. (That, by the way is one of my many excuses I have for not doing much in the sewing department lately!) Some wonderful books to pair with your apple adventures are... The classic, Ten Apples Up On Top, by Dr. Seuss, and The Apple Pie Tree, by Zoe Hall. Happy Picking!

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Harvests...

This year was a great year for onions and leeks! They are so fun to grow. As long as you can keep them weed free at the start of the season, and keep them watered fairly well, they are so happy. They reward you with this beautiful bounty! We had this soup this week, and even the kids ate it. I called it cheese & bacon soup. I almost fell out of my chair when they both asked for more! For the soup, I used less bacon & less cheese, used milk instead of cream (it's better with cream), and used more leeks and more potatoes (from our garden too!).