Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

Yesterday, I had a "free" hour during preschool. (By free I mean I decided that the dishes, laundry, sticky floors, and dog hair tumbleweeds could wait.) I decided to try this clutch. The tutorial said beginner, so I was pretty excited to zip right through. Long story shortish, one attempt is still sitting, waiting for some seams to be ripped. (I have no sense of 3D stuff, and I struggle with patterns, especially if they assume lots of knowledge.) I decided to do my own cheater version, which I feel pretty decent about. For my version, I sewed 2 fabrics right sides together, turned inside out, folded into a clutch shape & sewed, and sewed the cute ruffles on the front. I left the ruffle edges raw, so they will fray a bit. The fabric I used was a really sweet navy polka dot print, which wasn't dyed correctly, so it has big swatches where the dye didn't adhere-definitely a 'rescued' one of a kind fabric, which I love! I am loving all kinds of clutches these days, and I will be experimenting more with these. I am going to return to the Fiskars tutorial today, and try to redeem myself, I guess!


  1. It looks like you figured it all out in the end. I love the undyed portions. It works so well for the ruffles and the way you cut it/arranged it. Have you tried the Noodlehead tutorial for a gathered clutch? I love that one (along with half the world).

  2. I was doing a bunch of clutches a few years ago. Knitted them big and floppy with Lamb's Pride Bulky and then felted the heck out of them until they lost all visible stitches and got that "boiled wool" look. Then I'd do some freehand embroidery and line them with wacky cotton prints. They were really fun and made great gifts, so much so that I don't have any of them left!


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